Check out these Melons!!!

Well that’s what she said anyway….lol

Watermelons are mostly composed of water. They are also packed with water soluble vitamins and minerals. A, B6, C, lycopene, antioxidants, potassium and amino acids.

Being made up of approximately 92 percent water, watermelons are an excellent food for consumption in summer time.  Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin to help break down proteins, perhaps from eating all that BBQ.

Also worth noting is that although the amount of  potassium in watermelons is relatively small it will help balance the amount of fluid in your body’s cells.

In Asia, watermelon is also considered to be  a natural aphrodisiac.  So yes friends it may be entirely possible to eat your way into a better sex life, allegedly….

A further discussion with the lovely Winnie on Instagram

yuki_oggYou have idea how to pick a good and sweet one “without fail”?

j_j_trottGood question! Well I like to knock on the skin. The sound and feel should give you a very good indication to its density. Young watermelon are just not as sweet as full mature ones. Also if they are freshly picked it’s better to wait a day or two. Failing that just hack one open with a big knife. Most watermelon guys here won’t mind too much if you are buying a couple. Can’t eat a whole one, then I have a Juicer.

yuki_ogg@j_j_trott I read all that but it is selecting the sweet and watery one …that I don’t know how🙁

j_j_trott@yuki_ogg ok this is my secret. Look at the pale part of the melon. That’s the part that has been resting on the ground. If it’s white don’t buy. If it’s like a sunburst of orange and yellow it’s perfect. If it’s deep orange avoid. Yellow will be ok in a day or two. 😉😉😉

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